I’m a web developer hailing from southwestern Pennsylvania.

I know this is a sad excuse for a website, but I’m working on a new one in the background. It's not quite ready yet, but I'm hoping that it soon will be and I hope you'll check back frequently for when it is. Because you are obviously interested in who I am, right? I mean, why else would you be here?

Currently, I work for Intermediate Unit 1—a regional, educational service agency. There, I maintain much of the organization’s web presence: from the public, informational website to the internal employee portal.

In my free time, you will most likely find me browsing my Feedly account or on Treehouse trying to learn something new. If you want to get in touch with me, I invite you to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

This site is a serious work-in-progress and a place for me to tinker. Things probably won’t look right from time-to-time, and I’m okay with that.

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